Newly Married, Pregnant, and 20 years old

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Imagine… You are 20 years old, in a relatively new relationship, and life is good. You are finally with a guy who treats you right. A guy who you could picture spending the rest of you life with. Maybe even have babies with one day. But what if that one day, was today?

Meet Kristan.

Questions 1: How far along are you?

Kristan: I am 28 weeks pregnant with my first child.

Question 2: When did you first find out you were pregnant?

Kristan: I first found out I was pregnant 06/18/2015, I was a little less than 8 weeks pregnant. I took four pregnancy tests in a single morning, unable to believe I was pregnant. I had gone to the doctors twice in the two months prior, due to sickness and fatigue. They guaranteed me I was not pregnant, after two urine dip tests and a blood analysis. I was in complete shock! But I woke up that morning in June feeling some sort of strong connection to a soul that had been evolving inside me without my knowledge.

Question 3: How old were you?

Kristan: I am 20 years old. My 21st birthday will be 3 weeks after my son’s due date.

Question 4: Were you working? In school?

Kristan: I was neither working nor in school when I found out I was pregnant. I had decided to take a break from school and had been providing childcare for my kid brother.

Question 5: Was it planned?

Kristan: Having my first child at 20 was absolutely not in my plans. I had imagined deciding to get pregnant after achieving a degree, also settled in a rewarding career. Possibly late 20s, early 30s. Regardless, I feel so blessed. My goals are still achievable, I have no doubts. They are only delayed. I look forward to experiencing and nurturing a new life.

Question 6: Were you in a relationship? Married? Did you get married after finding out you were pregnant?

Kristan: I was in a relationship when I found out I was pregnant. And in my first relationship with a man that I could see myself being with until the end of my life. My now husband, Sean, proposed to me a month after telling him about our pregnancy. I am so elated to raise our son as husband and wife.

Question 7: Were you excited? Nervous? Scared?

Kristan: Oh I was terrified!!! My boyfriend (now husband) and I had used protection, on top of me being on birth control. Him and I had not been in a relationship for much more than 5 months when I found out I was pregnant. I worried, How I am I going to tell him?? Will he expect me to get an abortion?? Can I handle this?? Am I fit to raise a child?? I am so young!! I was nervous and scared. But in my heart..deep down in my soul, I felt love radiating from my body. Our souls came together to create a new brilliant single soul, and I felt confident we would be alright.

Question 8: Who did you tell first?

Kristan: I told my husband first. I mean I sort of told him… I sent him a single picture of four positive pregnancy tests. (Not the most mature or appealing way to tell the father of your child lol. Oops) But hey, I was in complete shock myself.

Question 9: What was his reaction?

Kristan: He called me in response. When I answered, in his voice I could hear excitement. He asked me if one, maybe even just two tests weren’t enough? He joked with me about taking four tests, like two would really do me wrong. Lol. He then proceeded to ask questions that he knew neither of us had answers to, like when? How? Is he healthy? We scheduled a doctor’s appointment to get started on our baby journey immediately.

Question 10: What have been some memorable experiences in your pregnancy so far?

Kristan: Not so much pregnancy related, but I was a former cigarette smoker. I haven’t picked up a single smoke since the day I received the positive pregnancy tests. That was one of the HARDEST 4 weeks of my life, kicking that habit. But ooo do I feel like a whole new person, not being dependent on those things. Feeling my little nugget move for the first time. I can not put into words the feelings, the size of the smile that stretched across my face was probably absurd. My heart swelled, I kid you not, I fell in a forever type of love. Similar to when I fell for my husband, but even more so.

Question 11: What has been the scariest part so far?

Kristan: I have many ridiculous fears, such as my child being born with serious defects, or me hurting him in some way. They are fears most like every new mommy has. Regardless, I will love my little boy with every bit of me.

Question 12: What has been the best part?

Kristan: The best part so far, even though I’m only 28 weeks along, is getting married to the cutest man I think I will ever meet. Also, of course being blessed with our soon-to-be little man. Ugh and undeniably being able to splurge way more on the tasty things, than I would be able to with my everyday diet.

Question 13: Is there anything you wish you would have known before getting pregnant? Or during your pregnancy so far?

Kristan: I truly believe God prepared us with an internal mommy switch. Once the seed has been planted, he has equipped you with the strength and compassion you need to be the super mom you’be been destined to be. But for things such as staying away from raw fish and eggs, no hot spas for 9 months, getting as much rest as possible before your life is about to be turned upside down, it’s always good to ask your OB lots of questions, and read a few expecting parent baby books.

Question 14: What are some of the symptoms or changes your body has been going through?

Kristan: For me, the first 4 months were a breeze. My appetite was much bigger, and my clothes began to not fit like they should, even though I hadn’t gained any weight until month 5. By month 5 I finally started to get the horrid morning sickness. I woke up one morning and had a preggers belly finally! By month 6 I can no longer see the inside of my, what used to be, “inny” belly button. I woke up the 3rd morning, into my husband and I’s babymoon in Mammoth, and began to ball my eyes out because I was unable to see my belly button…Hormones... My husband couldn’t refrain from hysterically laughing and recording my ridiculous breakdown on his go pro...Ugh!

Question 15: Has your thought process changed at all?

Kristan: I find myself already thinking for two. I live my life much more on the safe side, when I used to be all about living life on the edge.

Question 16: Did you ever consider abortion or adoption?

Kristan: I like to consider myself a believer, in Christ that is. I was raised in a Christian home. My parents are pretty strict, but never forced religion upon me. And although I condemn no one for their personal choices, I made the choice to be sexually active, knowing the consequences. It just isn’t in my mental capacity to abort a pregnancy. Also, I am capable and very in love with the man I am in a relationship with, so adoption or abortion just weren’t options I considered.

And that is Kristan’s far. Keep checking back for updates on Kristan’s pregnancy. If there is anything special you would like to share about your pregnancy, please let us know in the comments!


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By Lauren DiCamillo of Expecting Parents Alliance of America

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