Pregnancy Brain

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Let me set the scene: you walk into a room. You stand there for a second, looking around. The reason you walked into the room refuses to come back to you. This is the fifth time it’s happened today.

Welcome to world of Pregnancy Brain (aka Momnesia, aka Mommy Brain).

Pregnancy Brain is the characteristic forgetfulness that haunts women during some or all of their pregnancy, and sometimes for a few months after they have given birth. Most have either heard about it or seen it in action. All of the sudden, the names of family members or where you put your keys becomes a struggle. But is Pregnancy Brain even real?

Well, yes and no.

Forgetfulness does, in fact, tend to come with pregnancy but most say it’s not necessarily because something is wrong with your brain. Generally, hormones, lack of sleep, and preoccupation with preparing for the new baby are the culprits. The American Journal of Neuroradiology has published a study finding that there is a brain cell decrease in pregnant women, but whether or not this causes Pregnancy Brain has not been verified. So it doesn’t exist in the way that most assume, that your brain drastically changes during pregnancy, but it is definitely still real.

While you may not be able to make Pregnancy Brain completely go away during your pregnancy (it will on its own after birth), there are things you can do to manage. The most important, and possibly the hardest, is to get sleep. Hormones and discomfort can make this increasingly difficult but making it a priority can really be a game-changer. Taking your prenatals are also a big help, as they have lots of brain boosting vitamins and minerals. Sticky notes and a support system can help manage any remaining “Momnesia”.

The absolute best thing you can do is be easy on yourself. You’re brewing a beautiful new life and that’s a big deal! As long as you don’t burn down the house, a little bit of forgetfulness doesn’t have to be a big deal. As cliché as it is, do what you can and don’t worry about the rest…you’ll forget about it soon anyway!


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By Alecia Stanton of Expecting Parents Alliance of America


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