Where to Find Free Infant Car Seats

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One of the more expensive baby necessities are car seats. They are also one of the most important. You need to have one before your baby is born but may not be able to afford it. Because car seats are so vital to your baby’s safety, some will provide mothers in need with a free one. These are the five places you are most likely to find one.
Police Stations & Fire Departments
Both police and firefighters have the duty of protecting their community; including babies. Both departments receive grants exclusively for providing low-income families with car seats to ensure that the safety of their children.
The Women, Infant, and Children program is best known for its nutrition assistance. However, some may be able to supply you with an infant car seat as well. When you apply to WIC, ask them if they have car seats available or can point you to the nearest office that does.
Safe Kids Coalition
This program promotes the safety of children from birth to beyond. They offer safety education to parents and as well as tools to help them put this into action. Some Safe Kids Coalition offices provide car seats to new parents in need, in keeping with their mission.
Insurance Company
One little known feature of your health insurance policy may be a free car seat. Contact your insurance provider and ask them if they have a car seat program. If they don’t offer free infant car seats, they may at least provide discounts.
Your Church
If you attend a church or other place of worship, they may have car seats available or at least be able to help you find one. If they announce your need to the church, you can request that they keep your name confidential if you are uncomfortable it.
Remember to make sure that the specifications match current regulations if the free infant car seat you receive has been previously used. It’s best to avoid used car seats altogether but sometimes this is just not possible. The most important thing is that your baby is as safe as possible.

By: Alecia Stanton

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