The Differences Between the First and Second Pregnancy

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Some women don’t even think about how different their second pregnancy will be from their first one. But anyone with more than one child can tell you that they are often like night and day. If you are currently pregnant with your second child, these are some of the differences you may notice:

Baby Books

In the first pregnancy, you probably read every baby book you could get your hands. Once you get to your second pregnancy, you’ve got a bit of experience under your belt as well as child to take care of. You may still refer to a few baby books but they won’t be nearly as important as they were during your first pregnancy.


During your first pregnancy, you probably tried to eat as healthy as possible. In the second pregnancy, most women become at least a little more lax. You will most likely care about what you eat much less than you did before.


You probably bought some cute maternity clothes to show off your growing baby bump during your first pregnancy. This probably won’t be nearly as important during your second pregnancy. Comfort will now be the name of the game.



Mass amounts of time, effort, and planning went into your first childs nursery. Everything had to be just right. By the time you’re pregnant with your second child, you’re realize that most of it was unnecessary. The essentials will be enough.

Baby Bump

The fact that your baby bump gets bigger during your second pregnancy sounds like an old wives’ tale. However, many women have reported that this was the case for them. While you may not have this experience, don’t be alarmed if you do. It’s perfectly normal.


Everyone was undoubtedly beside themselves when you announced your first pregnancy. Unfortunately, you may not get the same level of excitement during your second pregnancy. Don’t worry though, the people that matter will be just as happy.

Less Stuff

Most first time mothers get all the cool new gadgets they can find. When you become pregnant again, you know that you didn’t need the majority of those things. You will also know what brands you like so you can avoid trying many different ones.

Letting People Hold Baby

Demanding anyone in the vicinity uses hand sanitizer is common practice amongst new moms. However, once your second child is born, you more than likely won’t be as paranoid about germs. 
Essentially, every pregnancy is different, just like every child it different. Use what you have learned in your previous pregnancy but remember to allow for some major differences.

By: Alecia Stanton

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