What to Have in Your Hospital Bag

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As you approach your big day, preparation will greatly reduce stress. One thing you want to have ready in advance is your hospital bag. Once it is time to get to the hospital, you may have to rush. You don’t want to realize that you have forgotten something once you’ve gotten there. Make sure you pack these 10 things when putting your hospital bag together:

A Nursing Bra

Whether you are breastfeeding or not, having a nursing bra and/or nursing pads will help you prevent leakage.


Bring socks to ensure that your feet stay warm during labor.

Lip Balm

Have lip balm handy to combat to the dry air in the hospital.


The hospital will provide you with toiletries but if you would prefer to have your own with you, pack them.


Make sure to bring your ID, insurance card, and any hospital paperwork.


It’s best to have snacks for yourself and anyone with you in the delivery room in case of a long labor. Make sure to ask the hospital about their policy regarding eating during labor in advance. 

Going Home Outfits

Have clothes to wear on your trip home once you are released, including a front-snap outfit for baby and a comfortable maternity outfit that fit at six months for you.

An Extra Bag

The hospital will provide you with all kinds of things to bring home, so be prepared with an extra bag.

A Robe

Bring a robe to cover up if you get cold or want to walk around.

Flip Flops or Slippers

Slippers or flip flops are a good idea for walking around during labor and flip flops will also be useful when you take a shower.

Babies Hat

It’s important to keep your baby warm when you bring them home, so bring a hat.


It’s best to pack your hospital bag once you are around 35 weeks. With your bag packed, you can be confident that when it’s time for baby to come, you are prepared. Everything else you need will be provided by the hospital.


By: Alecia Stanton

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