Dressing Your Baby Bump on a Budget

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 Spending money on maternity clothes that you will only fit for a few months can be frustrating, especially when you’re already on a budget and still have lots of baby supplies to buy. With so much on your plate, you shouldn’t have to stress out about finding something to wear. Here are some great ways to find maternity clothes that won’t break your bank.

Social Networking/Friends
The least expensive way to score maternity clothes would be to let your friends and social network know that you need them. This may take swallowing some pride but I assure you that every mother understands the maternity clothing struggle.

Local Freecycle Websites
This is another great idea, although it really depends on whether or not someone is giving maternity clothes away. It may be easier to find in bigger cities because there’s a bigger chance you’ll find what you need. This is also a great place to find baby necessities!

Yard Sales
Although not free, yard sales usually have great deals and you are destined to find at least one with maternity clothes. Driving and/or walking around more than necessary may be unappealing to you so try checking Craigslist for yard sales with maternity clothes.

This is an online consignment store with a phenomenal selection and some pretty decent prices. There are some pricier items as well so it may take some searching but it’s definitely worth it. Plus you get to shop while lounging on your couch!

We all know and love Ebay. You can find just about anything and usually really great prices. It’s the same case with maternity clothes.  There’s a ton of affordable pieces to choose from and the wait for it to ship usually isn’t horrible.

Consignment Stores
I’m adding this with reluctance. Sometimes consignment stores won’t have maternity clothes or they won’t have the deals you were hoping for. Still, they are definitely an option worth considering. You may still be able to find some excellent deals here.

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By Alecia Stanton of Expecting Parents Alliance of America
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